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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

0 Kembalinya seorang Legend..

Kedatangan Jose semalam , di samping nak usha prestasi kelab lame, die pon tmpang gak cari point penting untuk pertemuan di CL Feb nanti..Dan kedatangannya memang berbaloi dengan sambutan umpama anak raja masuk kampung dan ak yakin aura Jose gak yang membolehkan para pemain The Blues bermain bermati-matian untuk mencapai mata kemenangan berharga semalam menentang Fulham..

Ad interview khas bersama Jose dan ak tak sempat nak translate sebab panjang sangat so pandai2 la korang bace ape yang dikatakan oleh Special One mengenai Chelsea dan karier die skang..

Mengenai Chelsea dan Fans??

"I feel the love. I really do - and it is very emotional.

"It is only the second time I have been back to London since I left and it's the first time I have been back to Stamford Bridge.

"And I must say it's good to be back - I have seen so many friends.

"I left it so long because I didn't want to be a factor in disturbing things here. They seemed to be changing coaches every three months and I did not like that and I did not want to be seen to be interfering or causing problems.

"I also stayed away because it was painful to return - I had such great times here, I loved it here and I never wanted to leave.

"It hurt to go and so it was always going to be difficult to come back again.

"But time has gone on and I can do it now especially as they are first in the table at the top of the Premier League.

"They are in a positive moment, a happy position so it is a big pleasure to be back because I really loved it here and was so very sad when I had to leave.

"And I will be back again soon because we have the Champions League in a couple of months and that has given me the chance, the opportunity to come over to see everyone I worked with but also to watch Chelsea.

"It feels good. Stamford Bridge is my home, I never lost a Premier League game here in more than three years at the club and I only ever lost one Champions League match here.

"It brings back memories. I was so very happy here - I do not forget that, the Chelsea fans do not forget that and the English people do not forget that.

"They don't forget what I have done for them or what I have done for English football."

Peluang Chelsea Juara Liga??

Mourinho added: "I really think they can win the Premier League again this season.

"They are top of the league and already it looks like Liverpool are out of the race for sure.

"Manchester United are up there but to me they just do not look the same team without Cristiano Ronaldo.

"Him going to Real Madrid is a massive difference for them because he is the best player in the world.

"United with him and United without him are totally different teams.

"Arsenal are up there too but every time they get up near the top they do something wrong - like draw with Burnley.

"So the road is open for Chelsea again and I hope everything goes well for them in the Premier League.

"But not in the Champions League, of course, because we play them in the new year.

"Yes, it's a tough draw for us but it's also a tough draw for Chelsea.

"And we will be going for it, that's for sure!"


Gaya riang Jose bile Porto tendang setan out dari CL 2003

Mourinho added: "I'll never forget running down the line at Old Trafford with Porto. But I will not do that here. I will not celebrate.

"If we win I will do nothing. I have a love affair with Chelsea so I will not celebrate.

"I still love this club and I respect the people here, I respect the fans and I respect the players.

"This, apart from Nicolas Anelka and Branislav Ivanovic, is still my team - and they all mean an awful lot to me.

Lawatan Hari nie??

"I came to do some homework but also to get the emotion out of the occasion. I wanted to come before the Champions League game because I knew my return was going to be a very strange feeling - a beautiful feeling but also very strange.

"I wanted to come back for the game itself feeling cool, concentrated and relaxed. I wanted to have just a professional feeling just a human feeling.

"I wanted to focus on the game and not everything surrounding it. So today everything is happening for me. There are so many emotions and feelings and I can just enjoy it, experience it.

"To start with we parked away from the stadium and walked to the ground in the middle of all the supporters.

"Then we got to Stamford Bridge and I met with all the people who worked with me here. They knew I was here and came to say hello.

Hubungan dengan player, fan dan Roman??

"I saw Ashley Cole, I spoke with John Terry and Frank Lampard and everything was nice.

"Roman could not come because he is away but he rang me and was also very nice.

"He said I could have his box at the game so I could do my homework without being disturbed by anybody.

"But I don't complain about the attention, it is like being back at home. I have felt the love from everyone - it is very touching, very emotional.

"All the fans are saying come home or you are back home or you must come home.

"They have even said if you do not come back to Chelsea, you must just come back to the Premier League.

"But most of them say come back to Chelsea."

-Gaya Special One Terbaru-

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