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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

0 Carvalho sanjung Hilario

Ricardo carvalho, defender Chelsea yang memainkan peranan penting sewaktu menentang Libepul menyanjung kehebatan keeper second The Blues, hilario kerana berjaya mendapatkan clean sheet dengan beberapa save yang mantap dan permainan yang kemas dan yakin..Carvalho mengatakan :

""It is not easy to play against big teams, but he was ready and he always is – and Petr spoke with him before the game," Carvalho told his club's official website.

"We were stronger than the last two games and this game means a lot for us. It was important to win at home against a big team, to show we are strong and can fight for the top.

"It is always tough to play against Liverpool – normally you don't get too many chances or too many goals, apart from last year, so you have to score to give confidence, and after that we defended well."

Bagi aku Hilario mmg dasat haritu terutamanya save shot riera ngan gerrard..seb bek die xcuak game2 besar camnie..Kalo die mantain form camnie, mgkin Big pete sudah ad pencabarnye..No cech, no problem!!

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