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Saturday, May 7, 2011

0 Ujaran Carlo

Bile nak start nie??

Carletto nampak tak sabar bertemu MU di Old Kerepot malam esok untuk menentukan siapakah juara EPL sebenar..Masih berapi dengan 25 mata dari max 27 - Carlo mendapat anugerah Manager of the Month untuk bulan April selepas rentetan kemenangan yang menakjubkan sehingga membolehkan kita mengejar MU walaupun satu ketika ia dianggap misi mustahil..

Ujaran Carlo sempena match malam esok :

Mengenai..Turning Point??

"Manchester United against Arsenal last Sunday, and our win against Tottenham," he said. "If Arsenal hadn't won, it would be a different atmosphere around our game against United."

Mengenai....Great comeback??

"Nobody thought we would be able to fight for the title," he said. "We were talking about qualifying for the Champions League. Fifteen points behind United was too much of a gap, but we closed it because we did really well for two months. Last year we built up a very good relationship with the players, and this atmosphere helped us to maintain good control of our confidence."

Mengenai..Kekebalan MU di Old Kerepot??

"I know," Ancelotti said. "Thirty matches, only one draw. Obviously they are the favourites as they have three points more. If they win, they will win the title. If we are able to win, then goal difference becomes important, and we have very difficult games against Newcastle and Everton, so nothing would be decided. But it would be important to be at the top of the table, after such a long time."

Mengenai...senjata utama Setan Merah - Howard Webb??

“I don’t want to put pressure on the referee. I think Howard Webb is a fantastic referee because he has experience. If the referee he has no experience we can perhaps be a bit worried about this but with Howard Webb there is no problem.

“I have trust in the referees in England. Maybe they make a mistake but that is the same as anywhere in the world – this is normal. Either you accept the decision of the referee or you have to say that there is a conspiracy.”

Mengenai..Gandingan Beauty Blonde & Beast King Didi??

"To make a decision about the line-up, I have to forget the past. I have to look at the next training session."

"For 60 minutes [against Tottenham], Drogba and Torres played with good combination. But he [Torres] got a little bit tired and I put Kalou on to try and find some more space to attack. It's not so important, the shape. It's more important that you put the players with the best ability together. It's important to have players in good form, in good condition. If we want to win there, we have to use intensity."

"We did our job [against Tottenham], to stay three points behind Manchester United. That's fantastic. Our job was to win, we won and now our next job is to prepare well for Manchester United."

Mengenai..Peluang menang liga??

"Our bad moment was too long, I think. We could have done better. But now destiny has helped us to fight for the title again. We are excited and very happy. The season has not gone, as everyone suggested. This team is still alive."

Cmon Chelsea!!

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