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Monday, December 6, 2010

0 Cuak sangat!!

Carlo akhirnya membuka mulut dan menyifatkan match kelmarin sebagai petunjuk mentaliti yang salah dari para pemain..Kita terlalu cuak dengan pihak lawan!!

'The first half was good, very good football, good pressure, good spirit but the second half was different,' Ancelotti complained.

'We lost our idea to play football, played long balls and were a bit scared. I didn't like this. We can lose the game but we don't have to lose our play.

'I saw the players in focus and concentrated with good tactical discipline but the second half was totally different. We were afraid and not able to play our football,' he continued. 'Didier [Drogba] was alone in front and we needed to play better from the back. Everyone knows our football, and second half it was wrong.'

'Now there is no reason to smile. We have to stay in focus, we have to be serious and if you want to change quickly, I think we have to work hard.'

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